General Information About Our Real Estate Investment Funds

Real Estate Investment Funds (REIFs) are professional investment instruments that enable qualified individual investors to invest in real estate. REIFs generate income from capital appreciation, rental income, rights and benefits based on real estate properties and related rights.

REIFs pool the capital of various investors, providing the opportunity to invest in larger real estate projects and rights. They offer risk diversification for individual qualified investors. Investing in multiple properties and regions reduces risks and offers a more stable potential return. Particularly, diversifying risks among investments, providing liquidity, professional management, and expertise advantages make it possible for small investors to potentially achieve higher returns by investing in large real estate projects.

REIFs are the ideal way for individual qualified investors to invest in real estate because they offer the opportunity to invest in the sector without the responsibility of directly owning and managing real estate properties. However, before investing in REIFs, it is essential to thoroughly assess the risks and returns.

Real Estate Market Risk: Especially in developing countries, real estate investment funds can be affected by economic fluctuations. Factors like interest rates and housing demand can impact the fund's value and returns. Market volatility can lead to decreases in the fund's value.

Liquidity Risk: Real estate investment funds are not as liquid as some other investment types. Since real estate investments are physical assets, they may not be easily sold and converted into cash.

Operational Risk: Real estate investment funds can face risks related to the effective management of managers and operational processes. Poorly managed funds can have a negative impact on investors' returns.

Concentration Risk: A real estate investment fund's portfolio can become overly concentrated in a specific region, sector, or project. Local or sector-specific issues can negatively affect your profit.

Regulations and structures of REIFs can vary from one country to another, so investors should carefully review the relevant legal regulations and the fund's articles of association and prospectus before investing. Investing in real estate investment funds can be done more securely by seeking professional advice and creating a strategy that matches your risk tolerance.